WP static front page error connecting database

asked Jan 14, 2013 in Website Builder by Maria (1,020 points)
I have set up a WordPress site using blog posts publishing on the homepage. I then tried to create a single static front page with a separate tab for my blog posts. I followed WordPress instructions on how to create a static front page. I created a page called blog and then went to settings -> reading and selected the page as my blog page. My problem is that now if I click on the new blog page I get the error message, "Error in connecting to the database".
Can anyone please help me get  my posts links to change correctly. Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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answered Jan 14, 2013 by TopNet (10,360 points)
Check if you have an actual folder in your file system called /blog/  (this might be another instance of WordPress). Change the page name or the permalink for this blog page.  Or just rename the folder in your file system.