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asked Dec 7, 2013 in Website Builder by DinoGuy (2,130 points)
Hi all
I am using WordPress 3.7.1 and the plugin W3 total cache to optimized my website. My problem is that when my site is browsed for the first time, or if any specific page is visited for the first time, it takes almost 10 seconds to load. If I reload the page again its very quick. I am not sure why does it take this long. Can anyone please advice?

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answered Dec 7, 2013 by WebGuru (9,280 points)
This could be caused by any of the following:
1. A theme that is memory intensive
2. A plugin
3. A slow server  
Investigate all three options to find your culprit and fix your issue
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answered Dec 7, 2013 by WebProX (12,200 points)
Hi there
Try deactivating  all your plugins temporarily and see if it fixes the problem. If it does, reactivate the plugins one by one to find the one causing the problem.
 Also try  switching to the default Theme to see if this is caused by your theme.
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answered Aug 19, 2014 by Bradly Fales (180 points)
Yes, overloading is one of the major causes for slower loading of website. Stuffing your website or portal with loads of plugins, images, videos, unnecessary content and other things hampers the speed of your website. It is quite a serious matter that should be taken into consideration, as visitors generally avoid such slow loading websites. You can deactivate irrelevant plugins, heavy images and videos to improve your portal performance. As you are having a WP based website, it is highly advisable to use only necessary and relevant WordPress plugins from trusted and genuine places like http://www.nulledlistings.com/?cat=1 on it.