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WordPress or Drupal

Sep 12, 2013 by mark
Hello all..
I have some products that I plan to sell online and for that I would need a website. I have never used CMS before and I want to learn as I build my website. I want a simple website, for displaying my products and selling them. Nothing too fancy at least initially. Now I was wondering what CMS should I go with. I am considering either WordPress or Drupal. Which one do you guys think is better for me?
Appreciate your responses.

3 Answers

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Sep 12, 2013 by WebProX
I would recommend WordPress. It’s easier than Drupal and has an excellent support community as well as tons of available plugins for almost anything you need to do on your site.
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Sep 12, 2013 by SmartHost
Drupal is probably more  powerful, and it is good for building complex and large CMS sites. However it’s a bit complicated and not easy to get. WordPress is more suitable for beginners and for simple and small sites. It’s easier to add new features in WordPress sites.
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Oct 28, 2014 by johnab
Hi mark,

i suggest magento platform, because it's a needed one for ecommerce sites. For online business, magento act as a major role.  Refer this: https://www.apptha.com/blog/magento-ecommerce-trends-that-favor-business/