WordPress/My old CSS shows up when I log out

asked Dec 15, 2012 in Website Builder by SunFun (3,000 points)
I have recently made some updates in my site’s them CSS. I made some changes in the style.css file. When I am logged in as Admin, the pages display just like they are suppose to, but when I log out, the site changes and it displays an older version of my CSS.
I am not sure what’s going on or why is this happening and I would appreciate any help fixing this.

2 Answers

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answered Dec 15, 2012 by WebProX (12,200 points)
Make sure you  press CTRL + F5 simultaneously when you are trying to view an updated page. Also  try clearing your browser’s cache.
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answered Dec 15, 2012 by expert (14,380 points)
Try deactivating any caching plugin(s). you might have