wordpress/My edits are not taking place

asked Apr 18, 2012 in Website Builder by deepa1 (1,580 points)
Hi there,

Lately I haven't been able to update any changes to my website. every time I try an edit for any of my pages, the page reverts back to the previous version once I click "Update."
How do I fix this, I need to update something urgently, can anyone please help me?

appreciate it

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answered Apr 18, 2012 by mike231 (2,480 points)
try the following;

1.clearing your browser cache and cookies
2.disable all extensions or add-ons on your browser
3.updating the browser to the latest stable version
4.check that third party cookies is enabled
5.check JavaScript is enabled
6.check that Flash is updated
7.resetting your router and modem and rebooting your computer
then logging in using the secure https:// log-in see http://en.support.wordpress.com/https/
trying another browser