wordpress HTTP Error uploading images

asked Aug 25, 2012 in Website Builder by SunFun (3,000 points)
Hi all..

I am using wordpress 3.4.1 with PHP 5.3.10 and Apache 2.2.22 and I am facing a problem uploading images to my site. Every time I try to upload an image I get HTTP Error (error-500). I disabled all my plugins, and  edited the .htaccess and pho.ini file several times. I also tried switching browsers, all with no use. Can anyone please help me figure a way to fix this issue?


2 Answers

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answered Aug 25, 2012 by ZakWeb (3,880 points)
Check the ownership of the wp-content/uploads folder and make sure you set the permissions to 777
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answered Aug 25, 2012 by expert (14,380 points)
Edit the file fcgid.conf located under  apache2/mods-available/ by adding the following line to the file:
MaxRequestLen 33554432