Wordpress Error saving media attachment

asked Jun 6, 2012 in General by SunFun
Hi all
I have made a new install of wp 2.8.1 and now every time I try uploading any media file I get the error “Error Saving media attachment” . I did the following to troubleshoot my issue here;
Checked that my ‘’wp-content/uploads’’ folder exists
Store uploads is set to wp-content/uploads in miscellaneous settings
Turned my plugins off and on
Nothing worked and I ran out of ideas. Can someone please help me solve this?

Thanks and regards

3 Answers

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answered Jun 6, 2012 by WebGuru
I have discovered that leaving a front slash '/' on your upload’s URL could cause this problem. So simply go to Settings- > Miscellaneous- > Store uploads in this folder and see that it is :
and not

hope this helps
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answered Jun 6, 2012 by expert
hi there
make sure that you set permissions for all your directories to 777
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answered Jun 6, 2012 by TopNet
Try Chromeing your uploads directory to ‘777’ and then just go to options and then miscellaneous and uncheck the option ‘Organize my uploads ‘, and save the changes .