WordPress 3.5.1 You don't have permission” error message

asked May 2, 2013 in Website Builder by DinoGuy (2,130 points)
edited May 3, 2013 by DinoGuy
I installed the latest version of WordPress and then imported a blog on my server using WordPress import and then when I tried saving settings->general I got the error
You do not have the permission to access /wp-admin/options.php on the server.
I made a new clan install and tried again but that didn’t work either.
Can anyone please help me fix this?
Many thanks

2 Answers

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answered May 2, 2013 by WebProX (12,200 points)
Since you made a new clean install with no luck this means that thisis not a plugin’s issue.  Try switching to the default theme and see if this helps
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answered May 2, 2013 by WebGuru (9,280 points)
Some hosts disabled access to wp-admin or wp-login.php recently for temporary precaution due to recent mass attacks . check with your host as this might be the cause of your issue here.