who do you recommend I use as a reseller?

asked Nov 5, 2013 in VPS Hosting by anonymous
I recently registered GoPinkHosting.com and I've been researching resellers. As of now I might go with InMotion.com and was looking into GreenGeek, but they've never responded to any of my email. What do you suggest?

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answered Nov 5, 2013 by ssloan12 (140 points)
Hi, Hope you get this.
I have been doing a lot of research and came across CertifiedHosting.com
There are a lot of great hosting companies out there, no doubt, but what got me was Certified's customer service.  First, you call and someone answers.  Of course its first level but you get someone right away. Next, Their reseller account was an easy set up, and they have been great all the way.

Here is the other thing,  You are wanting to resell.. it's a good start when you have a company that really goes out of there way to make your life smooth!  Certified Hosting does that.  Great Web Hosting, Great customer support.  

I really recommend them and I have transferred my accounts to them, because of their terrific support.. That's it.

Good Luck.