Which CMS to use?

asked Nov 27, 2013 in Website Builder by deepa1 (1,580 points)
Hi all
I am familiar with Joomla as I’ve built my last website in it. I am now working on a new project  and I want a new website for a news portal. My question is what is the most suitable CMS for news portals. I heard WordPress is good, is it worth switching to WordPress for this project?

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answered Nov 27, 2013 by WebProX (12,200 points)
Hi there
If it was up to me I would choose WordPress but that is just because I am familiar with it. Joomla is a powerful CMS as well and if you already know it, it shouldn’t be an issue. Go with what you already know, and are comfortable using.
Good luck
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answered Jan 30, 2015 by johnab (1,080 points)
edited Jan 30, 2015 by necser
I'm not certain which one is suitable for the project you handled, Here i found one comparison blog for joomla and wordpress, I think it provides a clear idea.
Read: www.apptha.com/blog/wordpress-vs-joomla/
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answered Apr 16, 2015 by ZNetLive (660 points)
I don’t think that there is one best CMS to use for your project. Both Joomla and WordPress are equally good. If you want to build a News Portal then you can choose from a big list of WordPress themes or Joomla templates.

There is one difference between a WP theme and a Joomla template – WP themes are more subject specific and content focused while Joomla templates are more of versatile nature. Maybe on this point, WordPress fares better than Joomla, since a News portal is highly content focused.

If you are already familiar with Joomla, then you can make a better use of it for your project. But, if you want to some insight into WordPress and its working, you can read this blogpost on What is WordPress and How to Create Website Using WordPress? https://blog.znetlive.com/what-is-wordpress-and-how-to-create-website-using-wordpress/