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what is the simplest way to make a website?

Mar 3, 2012 by sunshine
Hi guys,

I'm new to this, can you please tell me what is the simplest way to make a website? i already have a domain name and hosting plan at hostgator and now i want to start with building my website


11 Answers

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Mar 3, 2012 by tareq101
Hi Sunshine,

The easiest way to build a website is through wordpress. It's simple and enables you to many options and features, and since your host provider is hostgator, you can quick install it through your account and start right away.
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Mar 3, 2012 by Jacob
Wordpress is the simplest way to go.
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Mar 3, 2012 by James_R
If you're website is very simple, you can use templates, and just put in your content and files.
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Mar 3, 2012 by webexpert
I prefer Drupal, it's easy and fixable.
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May 6, 2013 by mukilan
Hi visit http://www.xnynz.com/ here they are providing website builder service at affordable cost  .Here they are providing ready made templates you can choose one among them based on your need and just upload your details .Finally your dream site comes to live .
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Dec 12, 2013 by peytonthorne
For a business it is important to have a good website. Today making a new website is not difficult. You can create your own website without any knowledge of html coding. It is not necessary to hire an expensive website design firm to create a nice-looking site. There are lots of tutorials and books available on the internet that can guide you in right direction. For instance, you can visit http://www.buildsitenow.com/ and follow the step by step representation for creating a free website.
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Feb 26, 2014 by EverettBoyd
The simplest way to build website is to use a CMS such as WordPress that allows you to design overall look and also to edit any content as per your choice. This is one of the easiest way in which there is no need of taking help of developers or learn any programming language. Just reading few steps available on sites like http://www.ewebtalk.com/21/how-to-make-your-own-website/ you can create your own website. There is two option to create your own website i.e. either you create it free or premium.
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Feb 27, 2014 by MagentoDevelopers

First of all decide what kind of website you are looking for ?  
Then plan to create a website.
#Online Shopping -  then go for # PHP + Magento.
#Travel-  Go for WordPress.  
#Classifieds- select-  # Magento, PHP, Drupal and any other open CMS.  

For more information about PHP +Magento Development, you can view the details from  http://ilovemage.com/
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Nov 13, 2015 by johnab
what type of site your are looking for ?

If It is ecommerce related then You can choose Magento, In market, Lots of ready made scripts for building martketplace websites within hours. Here https://goo.gl/ekkFvA  I found a good one for creating multi vendor Estore script with live demo.

If it is related to blogging, then you can go with Wordpress. It's a platform for blogging websites.
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Aug 26 by genymarsh
Wordpress is the best option to make a website in easy way. you have already a domain, just get web hosting for your domain and make a website in WordPress in less time and in easy way. just get the web hosting from colour marks for low cost web hosting and with great features. just visit this website and get all the details about web hosting and for website builder.