what is the purpose of subdomains?

asked Mar 3, 2012 in General by Danial K (240 points)
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can clarify this point. I am confused as to what is the are  sub-domains used for. I know what they are and how to create them. But I'm not sure what is the purpose or when to just start a new domain instead. Can anyone please explain?

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answered Mar 3, 2012 by webexpert (420 points)
Consider subdomains only if your site is enormous and you have the time to build links for the subdomain, as it will be considered a separate site by search engines.
Subdomains, if grown with content and outside links, as if they were separate sites, can link to and increase the rankings of your primary domain.
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answered Mar 3, 2012 by tareq101 (4,880 points)
Hello Danial,

subdomains are used instead of just buying a whole new url for one reason and that is if you want to increase brand recognition between your subdomain and your primary domain. Your subdomain will carry the brand value you’ve developed for your url.
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answered Mar 9, 2012 by Yuriy (1,340 points)
Sometimes it's cheaper to create the subdomain than to purchase the new one, moreover it's a good chance to increase your search engines ranking by cross-reference linking between them , especially when you have a lot of them.