What is the best host for buddypress community?

asked Nov 22, 2013 in General by anonymous

I'm on the process of starting a new website. Long story short, I already had one with nearly 2k users but lost access to our accounts and need to start over.

Since I'm building it myself, I was wondering if there's an alternative to our current host.

I need something that'd hold thousands of users. I've been searching and it seems to me that Siteground is greatly recommended.

I'm aware that Bluehost is top rated but I'm afraid that's something for average blogs. My website is a news blog with a community built-in, so I'm unsure of what would be best.

I've also found out on my search that Shared hosting might not be the best option but being on a budget and having a host like Siteground recommended looks like a pretty good deal.

Any suggestions?


Monica J

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answered Nov 22, 2013 by necser (8,230 points)
Hi Monica, sounds like you have high traffic site. Whats your current host?

There are always alternatives. Bluehost has been acquired by Endurance International not too long ago that are known for cutting cost and sacrifice customer experience quality. We were seeing good reviews and now they ar not that great for BlueHost: https://webhostinggeeks.com/providers/bluehost

In order to advise you better I need to understand if you need to move onto VPS or Shared host is enough. Maybe a shared host with high availability (like webhostinghub has) will do the job.

Which CMS are you going to use?