What is good web hosting company?

asked Oct 3, 2013 in Website Builder by anonymous
My current web host allows me 100 pages which is OK. Only I cannot list but the home page for title and description for search engines, leaving 99 pages on the table which all have different products for titles and descriptions. Can someone suggest a web hosting co. which will allow me to submit each page as I need to? Thank You, Alan

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answered Oct 6, 2013 by necser (8,230 points)
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you shouldn't have a limit to your website pages. For $3-5/month you can get unlimited. These are all good hosting companies: https://webhostinggeeks.com/best-hosting
commented Oct 7, 2013 by kd3fv700 (100 points)
This is a fantastic site with great straightforward answers to any question regarding hosting company's and beyond. Thank You!