What graphic program should I use to create icons and buttons?

asked Mar 7, 2013 in Graphic Design by redBee (760 points)
Hi all..
 I have a website and I want to start custom design some buttons and icons with my website’s logo on them. Nothing complicated but I have a design in my mind that I want to make and I think it will work well with my website. Anyhow, my question is, which program should I use? I know there are a lot available like Photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver. But I am not sure which one to use. I want something simple to learn. Can anyone please advice?

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answered Mar 7, 2013 by RalphK (5,800 points)
I would suggest Photoshop or illustrator
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answered Mar 7, 2013 by FixHost (12,380 points)
If you are going for something not really complicated. try a free online graphics programs. There is a set of them here http://mashable.com/2007/10/27/graphics-toolbox/, try a few out and see if they work for you.. they're free so you can try as many as you want..