What does unlimited hosting really mean?

asked Sep 24, 2012 in Shared Hosting by anonymous
I've been contacted several times by my hosting provider of 9 years concerning the storage space I'm using.  I opened this account so I could post personal family related photos, videos, etc... and have a private domain for email for my family members.

Last week I was emailed & called many times requesting that I delete files from the server that are "unrelated" content.  Two were backup files created recently prior to a server migration that they were doing, the 3rd was obviously a folder containing holiday photos & videos.  Last I checked, I was using around 16GB of server space and I'd imagine my monthly bandwidth is much less than 1GB as the content is rarely accessed.  I was told that to keep the content, I needed to have links from my home page to all content on my site.  I prefer to control access to content via direct links only to folders and the index.html files within.  I'm not a web page guru as I still code as I did back in the early 90s.

So, does this sound reasonable?  They're quoting their AUP: "You understand and agree that shared server space is for business and personal website operations purposes only and not for unrelated data storage."

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Hey there! The concept of "Unlimited Hosting" came few years ago, when one of the main players on the market came up with "unlimited" concept, everyone else had to follow...

Notice that "Unlimited" is only for the cheapest type hosting - shared. This is never offered on VPS or Dedicated servers. Its simply a marketing trick to attract "new to the web" customers.

"Unlimited" is based on the usage of an average shared hosting user and usually fits well for a small business site or a blog.

According to most hositng terms of services, the hosting company has the right to refuse hosting to anybody. So basically if they feel that to fall out of the average shared hosting account boundaries for disk space or bandwidth, then you'll start getting the emails. So without really looking any further your hosting company send you an automatic notification based on your disk space usage.

You can call them and argue that all the files are related to your family album.

But they can come up with another excuse to either upgrade you to the VPS or refuse service. Unfortunately its really their right as usually described in their Terms of Service.

I would suggest to keep the album structure that you currently have and just offload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo. I'm sure your Photo Gallery would allow imbedding youtube videos.