What do I need to launch a membership website?

asked Sep 10, 2016 in General by matinw (120 points)
Hi, I'm from Singapore and I'm looking at building a membership- based website to sell my online service. For example, members have to pay an annual fee to receive my service. From there, they would have their own profile page (just like a social media page). So I'm wondering what do I need to get it running? How much space (Disk space, MySQL)  do I need to have? Any recommendations on a hosting website that would support membership websites?

Thank you.

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answered Feb 16, 2017 by Swapnil Jadhav (500 points)
Hello matinw,
I would like to help you here, as you are building membership site so first you will need unlimited disk space with unlimited ram as when user wil get involved in you site site needs more ram to run site fast so ake sure you have both about your website i will suggest use cms like wordpress as you can build membership site using wordpress easily with paid membership features too you can manage subscription from back end or you can set automatic for renewal too

let me know if you need any help
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answered Feb 19, 2017 by Moonim মুনিম Pollob (500 points)
Hello matinw,
I am really glad to know that you are going to start membership based website to provide service to your clients.
There are many things you need to do. Below is a list of those -
1. First select a good domain and hosting provider for your website. Every hosting provider support this type of websites,
2. Build a CMS based website,
3. Add admin panel into your website,
4. Integrate Payment method

Initially you would not need mush space and Bandwidth for your website. But later you have to upgrade gradually.