What are the best web hosting companies in Europe

asked Jul 30, 2012 in VPS Hosting by anonymous
If a company is doing business in Russia, Middle East and Africa using more than one domain, should it have one hosting for the three locations? If yes, where should the hosting be? And which hosting companies do you recommend for such business?
commented Aug 26, 2013 by eminempk (260 points)
I would recommend Hostingfest, Best cheap and realible webhosting company in Europe, Their plans are starting from 1.99$ per month they have both shared and re seller plans, and if you tell them they will install anything for you, they are very reasonable with prices and are cheap. Visit them http://www.hostingfest.com for more details.


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answered Jul 30, 2012 by necser (8,230 points)
As a rule of thumb you should host your site closer to your audience.

But hosting solutions can be so different that it will be nightmare to manage.

What we have done before is hosting multiple domains on single VPS in US and for images, js, css, downloadable files are using CDN (content delivery network). This works extremely well and every user gets their pages loaded as fast as if it was local hosting
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answered May 17, 2013 by mukilan (180 points)
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Hi are you looking for best web hosting company .Then i suggest you to visit 9cubehosting.com here they are providing shared hosting service at cost starting from 2.63 per month.They are providing fully linux based hosting with good customer service and support.
commented May 21, 2013 by necser (8,230 points)
not sure about 9cubehosting. Don't see any reviews.
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answered May 21, 2013 by necser (8,230 points)
See here: https://webhostinggeeks.com/dir/ - the list of hosting companies by country. You can pick the company in UK for example.

Keep in mind that the trick with CDN works well too.
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answered May 25, 2013 by sarahjn1000 (140 points)
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