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asked Apr 4, 2012 in E-commerce by Maria (1,020 points)
Hi all,

I'm looking for website rank checkers? can I have some suggestions please


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answered Apr 4, 2012 by RalphK (5,800 points)
try Alexa Traffic Rank Checker
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answered Apr 4, 2012 by dona (4,540 points)
Hi Maria..

I personally use
it works everytime
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answered Apr 4, 2012 by expert (14,380 points)
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answered Jan 8, 2014 by bypassed (820 points)
I suggest ...It also answers other details like domain age and whether it is indexed in search engines...the same site with different TLS's,etc.PageRank measure's a web page's importance.Search engines like Google fixes a rank for each website based on the keywords in domain name, content,design of website,TLD,Domain age, number of visitors,loading capacity etc.The Internet's users go to a search engine before reaching a web site.When someone types a product into a search engine, and if our web site is listed at the top of these results,they may visit our site and chances are there that they may become our customer.So to attain a good pagerank will be the aim for all websites/blogs.
I have used the SEV(Search Engine Visibility) from as they provide keyword and suggested topics,submit the site to over 100 search engines and also provide reports which eventually improved my website pagerank & traffic.