Web Hosting Providers with India Data Centers?

asked Apr 30, 2015 in VPS Hosting by KratikaJordan (550 points)
I need India based Data Centers for Dedicated Server & VPS Hosting services. Need some suggestions on which are the Best/Cheap Web Hosting Providers with India Data Centers.

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answered Apr 30, 2015 by VargheseAbraham (740 points)
The following are two of the best web hosting providers with data centers located in India.
ZNetLive and BigRock

If your target audience is located in India, then you must definitely host your website on Indian servers. Hosting your site on a South East Asian data centers would increase website time for users in India by about 4-5 seconds and that would also negatively your website ‘s ranking in search engine results.

ZNetLive https://www.znetlive.com/ provides very reliable web hosting at a very economical price. BigRock http://www.bigrock.in/ is also a good option but not as economical as ZNetLive.