VoIP and dedicated servers

asked Sep 1, 2013 in Dedicated Hosting by citrix345 (380 points)

I want to use VoIP. I am looking for a reliable hosting provider  that will allow me to install my own OS and PBX server, and will give me the ability to configure them. This hosting provider should also have a VoIP line connected. I want to have around 20-30 concurrent calls at once.Can anyone please let me know if you know any hosting providers that match my requirements?
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answered Sep 1, 2013 by FixHost (12,380 points)
You can use a VPS that is configured specifically for VOIP. Or you can use any dedicated server and a separate VOIP trunk s (Flowroute, voip.ms, or Vitelity).
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answered Sep 1, 2013 by TopNet (10,360 points)
Try VOIP Netplan. They are good and reliable for  this sort of services