unable tom upload any images to my WordPress Media Library

asked Feb 2, 2013 in Website Builder by mike231
Hi there..
When I try uploading an image to WordPress media library, I get this error message:
“imagename.png” has failed to upload due to an error
Failed to write file to disk.
And sometimes I get an HTTP error.
I am using a clone of another installation that I moved via backup buddy. I had no problems in the original installation until I upgraded to WP  3.5. then  I started getting HTTP errors. But  when I updated to 3.5.1 it worked temporarily but  then I started getting the  HTTP errors again and image failed uploading message.
I am not sure what’s causing this and how it can be fixed
Any help is highly appreciated

2 Answers

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answered Feb 2, 2013 by WebProX
try deactivating all your plugins, and also try switching to theme twenty eleven.
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answered Feb 2, 2013 by WebProX
you might need to manually delete some file structures and then upload them from a back up via FTP