Turning off comments on wordpress pages by default

asked Jun 14, 2012 in Website Builder by rocky_10 (260 points)
I have a wordpress website for non technical users and I want them not to have any comments check boxes. How can I turn off the comments in my wordpress site by default?  Can anyone please help me?

Thanks in advanced

2 Answers

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answered Jun 14, 2012 by expert (14,380 points)
For new posts that will be published, go to Settings > Discussion > uncheck the option ‘Allow people to post comments on new articles’
And if you want to prevent comments from posts that are already published go to Posts and then select all posts and then from bulk actions click “Edit” and then click apply  and  choose ‘do not allow’ and click on update posts.
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answered Jun 14, 2012 by WebGuru (9,280 points)
If  you want to make this change permanent, delete the ‘comments’ tag in page.php and single.php.