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Transfering websites form plesk on a Winodws server to plesk on a Linux server

Apr 10, 2012 by Giantweb
Hi there,

I have a dedicated server (Linux based) and I’m running my websites through Plesk, now I have no experience with Windows servers and I need to transfer a few websites from another server (Windows based) with plesk to my own server using the same configuration.  I’m not sure how to do it in Windows environment. Can anyone please tell me  how to do this

1 Answer

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Apr 10, 2012 by lightSpeed
1.Generate plesk backup from plesk cp
2.Download the backed up file from plesk panel in the server where you want to restore it
3.Create a domain with the same name and username as in the previous server
4.In the backup section of destination plesk panel upload backup file downloaded
5.Restore you backup and you’re done