Stopping cPanel redirects for subfolders and subdomains

asked Dec 24, 2013 in General by ross (850 points)
I want to stop cPanel’s redirecting to my subfolders and subdomain since it’s causing me some issues. I want to block the subdomains cpanel and whm and the subfolders /cpanel and /whm
How can I disabled this feature?
Any suggestions are welcome

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answered Dec 24, 2013 by expert (14,380 points)
You can do this by disabling the option "Proxy subdomains". From your WHM home go to Server Configuration->Tweak Settings and choose the Domains tab  and disable Proxy subdomains.

Also you can remove the "ScriptAliasMatch" entries for your /cpanel and  /whm from the file httpd.conf  under /usr/local/apache/conf/ .