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SSL and Whois guard

Jul 11, 2012 by Maria
Hello all

I have Whois Guard enabled on my domains and now I’m thinking of  purchasing a SSL for one of my domain, does this mean that I would need to remove the Whois guard or would it still work with it?

Thanks in advanced.

2 Answers

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Jul 11, 2012 by dona
You have to choose either SSL or Whois, you can’t issue a trusted SSL certificate  if your domain’s information is not public.
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Jul 11, 2012 by lionhost
You can turn off the whois privacy  temporarily and then when ssl is issued, turn it back on.
Yeah ! I agree with you . It is difficult to get SSL certificate, when  your information was protected by whois guard i.e (It was not made as public ) . So, make it( whois privacy)  as disable  for a stipulated period i.e until you get SSL certificate for your website. After that, you can check whether your personal information is displayed or not by doing whois search using  http://www.whoisxy.com/ . After getting the SSL certificate, you can enable the whois protection .