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asked Sep 16, 2013 in General by ross

I want to download and upload between my computer and server via SSH command line. My computer runs on Windows 7 OS and I heard that I can’t log to my server via  command line or transfer files to my PC.  Is this true? And if not then how do I download files from the server to my PC using SSH and also how can I upload the file back to the server after editing it.
Can anyone please advice?
Appreciate your support

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answered Sep 16, 2013 by TopNet
Download and install the free  WinSCP program. This program enables you to  drag and drop the files between your PC and server.
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answered Sep 16, 2013 by SmartHost

you can use FTP from  your SSH. First login to your site via SSH using this code: ftp
To download a file from your server to your pc use this the ‘get’ command and for multiple files use the ‘mget’ command  instead of ‘get’
To upload a file to your server use the ‘put’ command and to upload several files use the ‘mput’ command