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asked Apr 15, 2016 in VPS Hosting by jayzee (120 points)
Hi i have been operating my wordpress blog site ( since 2014 on a shared hosting account however with increase in traffic i was asked to upgrade to a VPS server as my site was using too much of system resources. I was advised for a VPS which i had no idea of, currently after switching since Feb 2016 i have been encountering regular down times from my hosting company which is badly affecting my site traffic.

I still have a doubt that was i advised properly. My site stats are given below:
- Used storage : 3 GB (out of 10GB)
- Bandwidth usage : 50 GB (monthly)
- Only 1 MySQL account with wordpress running on it
- Monthly visitors 100,000
- Sever Down time was 70%

can you advise what should i do as i want to change my existing host and i am confused for which hosting (shared or vps) should i go for and what will be the best affordable host to manage it. Currently i am paying $14/month for my services.


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answered Apr 15, 2016 by necser (8,230 points)
Yeah, this isn't much. You can get away with shared hosting, no problem.

I would get with the sales team on live chat or phone to confirm that you won't "violate" their shared hosting with your current usage ))

Most of the companies prefer no traffic 1 page wordpress blog as their ideal shared customer, so they use single machine for about 2500 accounts. You just need the hosting provider that has less account on the server and target towards as they call it "business shared hosting". I'd start with Inmotion Hosting.

Hope this helps.
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answered Aug 31, 2016 by KratikaJordan (550 points)
To get rid of down time, you should move to Cloud VPS that's the best solution for those websites that experience a large amount of traffic and due to it they have to face down time usually. Although shared hosting is affordable but it cannot handle much traffic and then you'll face the same issue- Down times. Cloud VPS is quite expensive from the traditional VPS but it's worth to use for and the most affordable host for it is ZNetlive.
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answered Sep 26, 2016 by reva (140 points)
Changing web hosting provider
There are many reasons why an individual and companies want to change to change their web hosting provider. And the simplest answer would be not getting an enough storage space or proper bandwidth, or due to the lack of customer service.
Easy said and done?  Changing a web hosting provider is a doubting task. But it does not have that much complex – there are few things that you have to keep in mind
Keep your web hosting account with your web host open
It is recommended that you keep your web hosting account until you have completed the transition steps (ie. new account setup, file transfer, email creation and setup, DNS modification and propagation) this will make sure that your website and your domain email account will be running during the transition.
Choose a suitable new web hosting provider
Consideration includes:
•Type of OS(Window vs Linux): it all depends on the technology that your website require. For example, if your website requires ASP, MSSQL, MSACCESS or other Microsoft-specific technologies, then you will need to find a Windows-platform web hosting plan.
•Bandwidth and Disk space requirement
Make a back up copy of your existing website: download old account files
Ideally, the file should be downloaded in the same way you like to upload it lateral also look for any file and chmod permission that you might set o any folder or file and this is very simple task and can be accomplished by FTP

However, some free web hosting providers do not offer FTP access. This is especially true if you're currently using a free Flash/drag-and-drop website creation service  
And in this case, you won’t be able to download your existing web files and then in that case you have to create all your web-files all over again. You should check the new web hosting provider provide the feasibility of free website creator or not
To avoid this problem whenever you change your web hosting provider make sure they provide FTP
DNS changing propagation
DNS is sometimes obtained once you've got signed up with the new web hosting provider. You may have to be compelled to replace your existing DNS settings with the new one - this can be sometimes done via your domain management panel (your domain registrar).
The new DNS can take anyplace between 24-48 hours to propagate, so the previous net host is liable for the web site and email within the in the meantime. this can be why cancelling the previous service ought to be the most recent factor to try to.
Cancel your previous account.
Once your new account has been activated and your website and email services at your new net hosting supplier are up and running, you'll proceed to possess your previous account off
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