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I have a really hard time looking for a hosting provider with the below  
Focus is on security.

Linux, Python, RoR , free backup, SFTP, SSH, Private Nameservers,POP3, Dedicated IP, cPanel/WHM, ClientExec, PCI Compliant.

Private SSL installation: here there is a problem. To get certified we cant have the hosting company have a copy of our private key. Which many require for installation.

Price limit/year $400

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answered Nov 9, 2013 by necser (8,230 points)
With the Private SSL hosting company will always have the copy of your private keys - its encrypted though. Your private keys should be written to the server. I never heard that of the regulation that prevents the hosting company to have the copy. So I would check into this for sure.

If the case is still valid with the SSL, you will have to setup your own box in the datacenter. Dedicated server won't work either, because hosting company potentially can have access to all your data including the private keys, when you share your root pass while supporting it. Basically you will never fit in your $400/year.  

What are you getting certified with?
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Lets just say this is past Snowden times. Saving money to buy my own server. I have 1000/100 line here at home. Should be enough. In the mean time I have to go with shared I guess.
VPS plans usually miss a lot of the features offers in shared plans.

Disregarding my SSL requirements, any good hosting companies with good support? hostgator/justhost/etc. they all have terrible support.
commented Nov 9, 2013 by necser (8,230 points)
So if you are looking at running a webserver at home, you don't need a shared host. Just point your domian DNS records to your home IP - assuming it is static.

If you need good shared host with good support and full features, I would pick from here: - HUB is a great value for money. They also support private SSL, IMAP and SSH access if you want to get fancy with your server side apps.