Saving a Photoshop File for an Older Version

asked Apr 27, 2012 in General by Jake (580 points)
hi all

Does anyone know how to save a file in Photoshop CS2, so that it can be opened in Photoshop 6?" in other words how to make the a file backward compatible for  files that were saved in newer version of Photoshop and  using any older version of Photoshop to view them.


2 Answers

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answered Apr 27, 2012 by dona (4,540 points)

: Go to  Edit > Preferences > File Handling > Maximize PSD File Compatibility. Make sure this is set to "Always" or "Ask." Turning this option on, results in larger file sizes. If you only need this feature occasionally, you can set it to "Ask" and Photoshop will ask you if you want to maximize compatibility every time you save a file. When this option is used, the layers are saved along with a flattened composite of the image.
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answered Apr 27, 2012 by moon_tag (1,380 points)
Keep in mind that when you open a newer version file in older version, the new features of Photoshop will not carry over when the file is opened in an older version that did not contain these features. If the file is edited and saved from the older version, the unsupported features are discarded.