Replace a theme Icon in Drupal 7

asked Aug 3, 2013 in Website Builder by carebare (1,420 points)
Hi all..
I am using Drupal 7 for my website. I am using the default theme and I want to replace the Theme Icon in my site, but not sure how to do it. Can anyone please help?
Thanks in advanced

1 Answer

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answered Aug 3, 2013 by RalphK (5,800 points)
1. make sure your new icon is in one of these formats: .gif, .png or .jpg format and it should be no more that 32 pixels  X 32 pixels.
 2.Now from your Drupal page go to Appearance -> Settings->Shortcut Icon Settings.
3.Uncheck  the option "Use the Default Logo." Go to "Browse" beside  "Upload Icon Image" and find your file
4.No go to "Save Configuration." And clear your browser’s cache.