Removing a wordpress plugin without causing any errors and problems

asked Apr 7, 2012 in Website Builder by Maria (1,020 points)
Hi all,

I've heard that uninstalling a wordpress plugin could cause lots of issues if it's not done the correct way. What are the precautions that one should take before deleting a plugin?can someone advice please?

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answered Apr 7, 2012 by lightSpeed (2,420 points)
hi Maria,

Before attempting to uninstall a plugin, you should visit the plugin’s author’s site and check if there are special instruction for uninstalling the plugin, because removing it incorrectly could cause errors. You  also need to make sure that you didn’t make any changes to your template files based on the plugin that you want to remove.
Once you’ve checked for any problems related to deleting the plugin, make sure you open the Plugin Administration screen and deactivate the plugin before deleting it.