opening a link in new page in Joomla 3

asked Jul 18, 2013 in Website Builder by deepa1 (1,580 points)

I am using Joomla 3.1 and I want to be able to make an image link on my site open up a new full sized page. I want the header and footer and the menu bar all to show in the page. Can anyone please help?

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answered Jul 18, 2013 by FixHost (12,380 points)
1.Create a new menu and you can call it Hidden. In your new menu, make a link to your Article of the new pop out page.
2.Create a temporary menu module for the hidden menu and then assign it somewhere to be able to open the article and copy your link.
3.disable the hidden menu after saving the link.
4.Now you can link the front page image to the new page using this code:
<p><a href="http://Your link" target="_blank"><img src="images/yourfrontpageimagelink.jpg" border="0" alt="image descrip" /></a></p>
5.If you want the modules assigned to your new page, assign them by opening the module