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asked Apr 19, 2012 in Website Builder by carebare (1,420 points)
hi there,

I have deleted my index page, and uploaded a new one, but the new one is not showing and the old one is still there. Please note that I deleted the old one using spartftp . I deleting the new one and uploading it again but no luck. However if i type my website/index.html the new one shows, Can anyone please tell me how to fix this?


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answered Apr 19, 2012 by WebGuru (9,280 points)
The problem is most probably is with your browser's Cash . You just need to delete your tomparary internet files

If you're using explorer go to

tools -internet options -in the middle in the temporary internet files -click delete files

another way would be (if you're using Windows OS)
start - all programmes -accecaries - system tools -disk clean up -mark temporary internet files then click ok