.net or a .com domain name?

asked May 4, 2015 in Domains by VargheseAbraham (740 points)
How does one decide whether to get a .net or a .com domain name? What are the branding implications (if any) of choosing .net versus .com?

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answered May 4, 2015 by necser (8,230 points)
.com is better than .net form search engines respect prospective. your .com domain will have better chances to rank up higher in Google for the same SEO efforts than .net
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answered May 5, 2015 by ZNetLive (660 points)
edited Jun 12, 2015 by necser
There is no stated rule about choosing a particular domain name for a particular type of site. Use of .NET is generally, but not limited to, companies providing network infrastructure/services. A .COM domain is not limited to any particular type of website, it’s almost universal in nature and has highest recall value among internet users. Definitely, getting a .COM domain is very good, if one is available that you are searching for.
The best alternative to a .COM domain are gTLDs. Generic TLDs (gTLDS) are newly introduced domains that perfectly describes the type/category of a site. Examples are .photos, .recipes, .guide, .software, etc. These domains also improve SEO value of a website and help featuring high in search engine results.

To learn more, read Advantages of New gTLDs https://blog.znetlive.com/new-gtlds-invest-in-the-right-domain-name-for-your-business-and-website/
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answered Feb 19, 2017 by Moonim মুনিম Pollob (500 points)
Hello  VargheseAbraham,
I think 1st of all you need to know a bit about .net and .com
.com is for commercial purposes.
.net is for networking.
You must go based on your purpose that suites better.
They both are Top level domain name and helps you Rank higher.
But .com have most value addition capability. It is always import to check domain name extension whether it goes with your primary objective of your website or not.
Based on that you should select .com or .net