need hosting provider for pdf mod and conversion

asked Jul 30, 2012 in General by anonymous
the pdf mod requires some sort of rdbms such as sqlite3, gnu barcode, and perl with PostScript::Simple module

the initial pdf conversion requires ghostscript (preferred) or adobe acroread

the final pdf conversion requires imagemagick convert

the process has been trivially simple to implement on my local *nix host using perl as the control flow script and sqlite3. but i'm having trouble identifying a suitable hosting provider. my command line oriented thinking suggests a remote command something like this:

     $  ssh -l <auth_user> <remote_host> label_pdf <local_src_pdf_file> <local_modified_output>

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answered Mar 2, 2013 by xwhosting (220 points)
It sounds like you need a VPS. Have you checked out VPS hosting to take care of your needs? VPS hosting is basically your own private instance in the cloud of your *nix server you can do whatever you want to with (as long as the hosting provider allows it, but mostly they just restrict spam and illegal activity).