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My homepage is displaying entire site content

Aug 6, 2013 by DinoGuy
Hello all..
I am using WordPress 3.5.2 and suddenly my home page started displaying all the content  in my website. I haven’t changes anything recently. Can anyone please help?

3 Answers

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Aug 6, 2013 by WebProX
Try deactivating your plugins and switching back to the default theme
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Aug 6, 2013 by expert
Try this
1. Login to your WordPress website with your admin user
2. Go to the link http://tonywatson.org/wp-admin/options-reading.php
3. Go to this link http://screencast.com/t/bxB3bVcnmW
4. Save the Changes
5. Check on your home page.
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Aug 6, 2013 by WebGuru
Try disabling the cache in your site and in your browser