My clients wants me to get a new host?

asked May 13, 2014 in Email by cre8id (120 points)
I am a web designer and I host my sites with My client has been receiving large amounts of spam and her emails are not arriving with her clients. They are getting blocked because her email address is being blacklisted ( I am a web designer and lack the knowledge to support these technical problems. I haven't been able to get much help from She wants me to get a different host. She is very angry. What do I do? Where do I begin?

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answered May 13, 2014 by necser (8,230 points)
the spam blocker normally resides with the IP address of your domain. Changing the hosting provider will help, as it will change the IP. Alternatively you can ask current hosting provider to change the ip. But first and foremost your client needs to fix the spam issue.

This company: has enhanced spam filtering email protection with McAfee. Does really good job, worth discovering.
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answered Oct 10, 2014 by bypassed (820 points)
Try to speak with the current host and solve the problem, if they are not helpful then a wise idea would be to change the host. I suggest you can go with where they offer the plans at pretty low cost and have spam filters and thus protect your client from unwanted emails.Since the IP gets changed probably her email will also be removed from the blacklist.