Multiple VPS’s or single dedicated server

asked Oct 9, 2012 in VPS Hosting by meera-b (300 points)

I have a single wordpress website (blog) currently running on a VPS with 4GB Burstable RAM, 3GB Guaranteed RAM, 3 usable cores each 3.2 Ghz SAS10k RPM storage 150GB. My blog has about 40 users and almost 25UV daily.
I am planning to further expand my website and add a forum to my blog. All users will be synchronized as forum users as well. I have no problems with my website’s speed and performance right now but I am concerned if my new forum will cause problems and that my VPS would not be able to give me the same performance.   Should I get another VPS or should I get a dedicated server? Which would be better in my case? I do not want to compromise the performance so if I would not mind paying more if there would be a significant difference in the performance.
Please advice

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answered Oct 9, 2012 by tareq101 (4,880 points)
I think going  for a dedicated server is worth it. It would give you more flexibility.
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answered Oct 9, 2012 by expert (14,380 points)
If you have the budget for it then go for a dedicated server. You would have more control and your performance would not be affected by others on the same node
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answered Nov 21, 2013 by consolepark (620 points)
Dedicated server is the good option for you because it not only gives you safety but mange your work load easily.