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asked Oct 16, 2013 in E-commerce by Alpha2 (880 points)
Hi all
I am using Magento for my ecommerce site. My question is, I want to hide the “your search returns no results” when searching on my . can I do this using web-forms?  I would appreciate any help on this. As I searched a lot for an answer but didn’t find anything.
Please note that I am using the default Magento theme for my site.
Many thanks

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answered Oct 16, 2013 by dona (4,540 points)
You can do this by editing  the file result.phtmlin your theme. If  your Magento is installed directly in your public_html folder you will find the file in the public_html/ folder.
Now open the file and search for this code
>__('Your search returns no results.') ?>
Now you can edit the message ‘’your search returns no results’’ to what ever you want. And if you want to delete it you can comment the code using the <!—p class) in the beginning of the class and  /p-->) at the end of the class