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asked Jun 19, 2014 in Shared Hosting by Prismacia (120 points)
- I am building my website out of XAMPP already, I like XAMPP, so I want to stick with apache, mysql & php. The latter two are absolutely critical for my site to function. It's a social network, not a blog or homepage.
- Need to be able to host sub-domains, at least 12, for like forums and profiles and user-media.
- On that note, need file hosting and sharing.
- No content restrictions, some content will be adult and it is to be welcomed.
- Need to be able to host a second domain on the same server (future plans.)
- Need server management, not control (on their end) meaning they'll do SSL, DNS etc server stuff, but if I find I need to make server changes I can also go in and take care of it, directly, not file a support ticket "could you change this for me...?"
- Need to be able to access/edit pages, mysql etc directly and easily (as owner) not just through their control pages, like how I can navigate XAMPP folders and the mysql cmd box, not just the php myAdmin pages. Site-builders and templates are not for me, not even for css.
- Need controlled access, to be able to choose whether the site is indexed by search engines in any part, I'm still in development so optional secure restricted access eg people needing a direct link AND a code to get in, would be ideal as I'm only opening to testers at this point, but I can manage the last with registered user access if necessary
- No advertising.
- Domain registry service included, preferred but not necessary.
- Support e-commerce.
- NOT a company that will make leaving hard when I want to switch to another host or build my own dedicated server.
- Only opening to testers so bandwidth, space etc I don't think will be a huge issue, with less than 100 users at max.
- Looking at around ~$5/mo. or ~$50/yr. or less no more than $8/mo. or $100/yr.

Can you recommend some hosts that will fit ALL my needs? I have looked around a bit, am leaning towards extreme-hosting.net business, but they have some really mixed reviews. I definitely really like their plan comparisons, really upfront, direct, detailed, and was easy to find. For comparison godaddy.com's plan comparisons were a nightmare to find and gave me a sense they were deliberating leaving things out either to baby users or swindle them, either of which is extremely off-putting, and didn't really leave me with an idea of what using their service would be like or even what exactly their service utilizes. While extreme-hosting has a full demo of their control panel. Also looking at webhostinghub's nitro plan. I don't their control panel as much, and seems kind of like they might force a whole bunch of "wonderful, free" stuff that I really don't want cluttering up my site or my control board, but definitely supports e-commerce.

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answered Jun 19, 2014 by necser (8,230 points)
Hi, the issue with "adult content". Such requirement narrows down your choice dramatically away from the quality US hosting providers.

Take a look here: https://webhostinggeeks.com/hosting-providers/ you can filter hosting providers and the reviews by other countries than US.