Local PHP forum on Windows system

asked Feb 14, 2013 in General by yammi (440 points)
I want to setup a PHP forum locally on my Windows system for testing purposes.
I have Apache HTTP, PHP 5, MySQL, phpbb-forum  installed. Then I downloaded and extracted the phpbb-forum software and put it in my root folder. Then I downloaded phpMyAdmin but it’s not working. I keep getting an error saying “cannot load my sql extension” I tried un-commenting the line extension=mysql.so  in my php.ini file but that didn’t work. Does anyone know how to fix  this or if there is a simpler way for my situation?
Thanks in advanced

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answered Feb 14, 2013 by randy999 (4,520 points)
I think in your situation the easier way would be to install WAMP server : it has all the software that you need preconfigured to work together ( Apache, MySQL, , PHP and PHPMyAdmin ).