Limit MySQL size using Plesk

asked Mar 24, 2012 in Database by GeekNew (720 points)
hello there

I want to limit the MS SQL databases size to 150 MB noting that these databases are created in a Windows server and I am using Plesk. How can I set the limit in MS SQL database globally so that database can’t exceed the size limit?

can anyone help please

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answered Mar 24, 2012 by SmartHost (9,060 points)

As you have Plesk control panel on your server hence you can restrict database size from Plesk itself.
In Plesk, click on Limit for the domain that has the database then enter necessary size in "Microsoft SQL database quota" box  at top for "Overuse policy", make sure you select "Overuse is not allowed" so that whenever account overuse the limits, it will be suspended by Plesk.

Hope this helps