Just need Domain Name renewal and e-mail accounts

asked May 3, 2015 in Email by JTAZ (170 points)
I don't need website hosting. I've been using GoDaddy for the last 6 years, and just realized the current 2-year renewal for my domain name and 5 personal mailboxes is TRIPLE what it was the last two periods of renewal. I don't need mega-storage. Just a few e-mail addresses that use my domain name. If it matters, I use an e-mail client, and POP3/SMTP currently. Who would be the obvious alternatives to GoDaddy for my modest needs?

(I could not find info or suggestions for my situation in your archives/FAQs, and apologize if I just missed the info I seek)  thx--JT

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answered May 4, 2015 by necser (8,230 points)
Hi there! the rates you see online are promo rates. Those are valid for the promotional period, then the hosting companies renew your account at full price. So if you are trying to save couple of bucks a year, then you need to be jumping form provider to provider after the promo period ends. For most people out there its not worth the time, especially when hosting companies are making it deliberately complicated to move away to another provider.

Your model is very straight forward and simple. Any hosting provider listed here: https://webhostinggeeks.com/best-email-hosting will do a good job with extras over godaddy.

Hope this helps
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answered May 4, 2015 by JTAZ (170 points)
(not sure how to respond to answers, maybe 'dialog' is sort of discouraged?)

Thanks, Necser. FWIW, in my case it's not the rollover of a special promotion-- I've renewed my GoDaddy service plan (2 years at a time) a couple of times already. This is just GoDaddy having raised their price. But the URL you provided looks like it should take care of me.

I'd prefer to just stay with a provider rather than hop from promotion to promotion, but there don't seem to be providers with plans for 'just' my very limited needs (and a price commensurate with those needs). So I guess I'll switch to Someone Else's overkill plan for whatever their promotional period is.  Thanks again-- JT