Joomla Session Expired Error

asked Feb 25, 2013 in Website Builder by anonymous
I am having problems with user registration on my website. When entering an email address or username on my registration page you are presented with the following error:-

"Session expired or cookies are not enabled in your browser. Please press "reload page" in your browser, and enable cookies in your browser."

I have spent weeks reading through Joomla forums and nothing has worked. I have contacted my hosting company and they are no help. Can anybody please help????

I should just say I am not a php programmer or anything like that so please don't get too technical if possible!! And I am using Joomla 2.5.9 and get the same error whether using IE, Firefox or Chrome. I have also tried several different computers and get the same error every time.

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answered Feb 26, 2013 by FixHost (12,380 points)
try the following

1.check that your timezone is configured correctly
2.make sure you have the appropriate session time set within Joomla configuration.
3.Within your CB configuration on the "integration" tab, make sure that you've set session checking as "No".
4.disable your cb plugins and see if this resolves your issue. If it does then start republishing them one by one.
commented Feb 26, 2013 by mimik001 (120 points)
Thanks for your reply. I've done all of the above. Now:-

When I just use the standard Joomla Login I can fill in all fields to register but when I click the Register button it doesn't seem to be doing anything with the information.

I'm now assuming the original problem is CB-related. I'm wondering if it would be easier to just purchase the CB social networking tools so people can log in via Facebook, etc. But I'm a bit wary of spending the money and then finding I still have a problem.