Joomla/How to Add created by to my front end

asked Dec 4, 2013 in Website Builder by jomnew (2,180 points)
Hi there
I want to enable users to log into my site’s front end and publish articles as another user. I found this option in the backend but I can’t find it in the front end.I want to do this by adding a field for the created by user in my front end. How can I do this?

any suggestions are appreciated

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answered Dec 4, 2013 by FixHost (12,380 points)
Try adding those users to the “publisher” group .  By doing so you  give those users access to your Publishing Options tab from the website’s front end. From there they can set the Author Alias field. They wont be able to change the field “created by” but they can enter any text in the field “Author alias”