Joomla/extension manage tab missing

Aug 1, 2012 by Donald

I think I accidentally did something under the extension manage tab list of items and now I am not able to reach it anymore. how can I get my tabs back?  Or maybe undo whatever it is that I did? Can anyone please help me

Many thanks

2 Answers

Aug 1, 2012 by TopNet
You might have disabled the "Admin sub-menu", and now you’re not able to reach the entire toolbar/menu.
Looked at a different installation of Joomla and navigate to the extension manage page. Then copy the end of the URL ‘administrator/index.php?option=com_installer&view=manage’ and paste it at the end of the regular domain. Then you can enable the Admin sub-menu again.
I have never been to this site before, but stumbled upon it when searching for an answer to this admin sub-menu issue and I took the time to register just so I could thank you, TopNet, for this solution. My missing sub-menu was driving me INSANE and now I am sane again.

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Aug 1, 2012 by randy999
Make sure you are logged in as a super user. It looks like you managed to set the acl permissions  and now don’t have access to install.
yes you need to be superuser
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