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asked Sep 19, 2013 in Website Builder by jomnew (2,180 points)
Hi all
I jut noticed that in Joomla 3.1.5 there are fields to add links to articles. I tried adding links and everything seems great. My question is, can I change the field names or the fields labels for my link. I want to change the names for articles in one category only. So instead of seeing “link A”, I want it to display like “Destination” and that is only when this article is in the Main category. Is this possible?
Kindly assist

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answered Sep 19, 2013 by FixHost (12,380 points)
You can find the text definitions in the file “en-GB.com_content.ini”
Simply look for the field name and change it and then save your file. Make sure you make a copy of this file before you make any changes. But this will change it for all categories.
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answered Sep 19, 2013 by adminjoom (920 points)
try to make a language override in your Language Manager and modify your link label and your  text label.  But changing the article for only one category is not possible.
Try to find a generic text for the  link label and create a language override. This might help