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asked Jun 24, 2013 in Website Builder by jomnew (2,180 points)
Hi there

Every time I try to register a new user on my site I get the below Fatal error message
Call to a member function where() on a non-object in /homepages/ /htdocs/Joomla3/components/com_users/models/registration.php

But when I check, the user is registered , and it looks normal and an email is sent to the user for activation purposes.
My question is, why am I getting this fatal error, if everything is working out? What could be causing it?

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answered Jun 24, 2013 by FixHost (12,380 points)
in your registration.php file
Replace this code
$query->select($db->Name(array('name', 'email', 'sendEmail')))
            where($db->Name('sendEmail') . ' = ' . 1));
 With the following code
$query->select($db->Name(array('name', 'email', 'sendEmail')))
            where($db->Name('sendEmail') . ' = ' . 1);