Joomla 3.1.5 Menu bar not showing

asked Aug 3, 2013 in Website Builder by Donald (2,780 points)
I  upgraded to 3.1.5 yesterday and  now I noticed that some menu bars are missing from my website.I also don’t have any menu bars in the Module Manager . I am using All Artisteer template. What is causing this and how can I fix it?
Any help is appreciated

2 Answers

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answered Aug 3, 2013 by JoomAp (5,660 points)
After updating to Joomla 3.1.5 you HAVE to clear your browser cache in order to reload your admin template css.
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answered Aug 3, 2013 by FixHost (12,380 points)
If the clearing the browser’s cache didn’t work, check if your server has Google mod_pagespeed enabled. If it is, flush the server side cache by logging into your server and executing this code
sudo touch /var/cache/mod_pagespeed/cache.flush